ESP Society established 1992 Athens Greece.
SAR ESP Academy of Brain ability training.
ESP Society of very intellectual people of the shapeless or in shape minding and transmission brain power.
Method (SAR Donetiki of the Mind) Master Axatis Tutor and guide.


"The logical is word-contradict!"
The mind orchestrates imaginary mentally the formed or unformed vibrations.
In all these the ESP student has molecular thinking and understanding.
In every structure of mental intellect, the mind activates drastic vibration!
This means that the ESP practitioner controls the vibration.
Immediately the drastic logic meaning opens, and "gives color" to the forest of knowledge of the ESP practitioner.
The practitioner has Edge Logic and Clear thoughts of the Prime idea, without fantasy , Sentiment or Wish.
Thus, controls his mind and operates the act of the incoming Internal power of the Mind.
At this stage the vibration of clear thoughts is pointing, the so called "Entrance" of another vibration challenged or not challenged by another Mind.
Thus, the ESP practitioner "arrests" this vibration as prime formal, or not formal thought! The power of the practitioner is uprising under training and predisposition of the brain as having uprising position in any out-natural body contacts!
The time of training is approachable to all, because it has the help of senior students, and the Master himself. (Also is Free of any Charge).
On the other hand, .. It is possible for someone to have "versatile ethereal contact" by concentrating the "power of Entrance" on a ... Talisman!
When he /she touches the Talisman , immediately comes in vibrating contact with the "Intelligence" and this strange but shaped Mind of supernatural friendly Being!

A) Knowledge of other aspect
B) Knowledge of mass thoughts. Also (public opinion or public decision).
C) Mental contact with the Intelligence of Superior Beings
D) Charm of locating shaped materials or locate shaped ethereal suspense
E) Normal or abnormal inner mental going down, inside the body of ESP practitioner himself.
F) Position of Future events and reading - learning- mentally, and absorbing future events from the First beginning of their start.
G) Primary advanced ability to distract and confuse others “into Time” enforcing “time dividing method” or a vertical dividing and versa vise, so the shaped actions will appear .. unshaped.
H) Telepathic communication with people (ESP Receivers) in matters concerning Pictures, or part of human vibration as … joy, sorrow, happiness, danger, desire, hate, stress, attention etc
I) Healing between ESP practitioners or Incarnated people, so the mind of the other B can accept powerful orders of total curing reaction from the receivers mind A and cure his body. Or ... just ask the Angel to cure you! Simple and Easy!

As for the beneficial signals , these from talisman, are 40-50. Three minutes after the activation the "Entrance" is activated also, and the Contact starts!
From the right part of brain to the left through a channel, so the man from the left talk to the MAN from the Right side of brain. Soon word by word this conversation is becoming a full friendly chat.
(Not understand? I am sorry! You may remain on Talisman's theory only!)
There is a need to insist on the last part with strong will.
ESP practitioners follow strict rules of discipline and are all of advanced mental level, open minded and logic persons.
The "Opening" ,- the "Entrance", is a huge gift and power and cannot be given to unstable people!
Also cannot operate in short time
to those who are disputable of nature, or have bad will against these matters. (especially Reporters - priests - "wise" professors etc.)
You need Faith, courage, strong will, and endurance.
The practitioner need to awake his mind and this is gained by hard effort and study.
He must be a Jentai, a Samurai of mental ability and must have strong spirit, advanced logic and strong Faith.
So without stress, involuntarily , having speech he gives solutions!
He lend speech, loses speech in favor of others, but very random is Wrong!
Time-joint, Time - controlling, are impossible specialties .......
The ESP practitioner scratches slowly the Mass-mental logic thought of others, and touches your mind!
As Mental ability we donate the Power of Intellectuality!

The Mind of all -0-

We accept only men nowadays in our Society, over 27 to 70 years old.
Those who have love for speech - intellectuality - New type of Logic effort, and great abilities of "locating the ethereal sense" using their mind!
The ESP man, is a logic man. Now reorganize after years, again his Club and Society.
Master says: "The clever people are welcomed! The smart-ass type Not!"
The Society has Not .. Clients! Has Only Friends!
Help us to Reorganize our Society again! In Greece there are great minds and always forerunners! People of every age and ability, different from the ordinary with "burning" minds whom , .. We might help them, so the become soon great Personalities!
Help to Reestablish The ESP Society. Help us , so we can make The "SAR ESP Academy " to become True!

Confucius said: "A steed is not praised for its might but for its unmingled and pure blood!"
Each ESP Student develops his own, different from others, specialty!
Axatis, the Teacher has general type Specialty, and he is The Initiator Master.
The Spirits who possess the ESP Program declare this: people with clear mind, free will, and strong spirit inside them, MUST have in ..mixture inside their Human Mind and DNA existence ,The Intelligence of Supreme Spirits, of the New SAR Era. These Intelligences are coming down to Our World!
They will, and some are already Incarnated to those Chosen between you, and will incarnate to more and more thousands or millions, to those who were born to accept soon , the ultimate Power!
They live between you, You may be one of them!
These chosen, have the filling inside their heart, that they are next to Incarnation!
They are filling that the have a mission!
The Archons of the Angelic World, are incarnated as "Angel-Men" This was written in the Prophesies also!
During 2009 2010 2011 2012 the Thousands "Samurai of Light" in most Countries of the World, must be found!
Soon it will start! Millions are coming down on us!
Soon new ESP members will be asked to be found!
Soon another site of ESP SAR will appear , with more details!