ESP Society in Athens Greece established 1992

A few words about our Society and ESP Academy:
Our members are training in ESP or simply in "hyper sense" and also in increasing their mental abilities, logic, and understanding of ideas, in order to become better and supreme minds and serve the humanity.
At the moment, we can accept only men from 23 to 70 years of age.
We choose those who are enriched with special abilities and mental forces, supreme sense, and ability to understand the mental vibrations, and inner-mind communication with energy fields or shaped energetic vibrations of other sources.
We also welcome those who are at an advanced level in Metaphysics, Parapsychology, Mental or Natural magnetism, and, of course, those who approach the ethereal mass or sense, with their mind and those who are capable for "out- of- mind projection" of their energy, or thoughts.
All members exercise ESP exchanging with each other ideas, knowledge, opinions, and experience, in order to upgrade their mentality and energy.

The Purpose of the Society:
Discharge of stress, dealing with subjects of interest, company with old and new friends of the same interests, build of a better character, discharged of Ego-logic, deny of any evil thoughts, or evil pictures in our minds, gain of joy, upraise mental abilities, and contact with supreme existences with superior logic, and intelligence!
We may say also these:
Our members have free will. They are all religious! Cannot be manipulated Never and by any one! They use their free will to do as they like!
They follow a rule : "keep trying and succeed". Senior members help the Junior students.
All members are equal each other. We help those who are in need of help.
No one pays fees, or any other kind of payment. Tuition and training is free of charge!
Our members believe in Love, Logic, Truth, Friendship , Loyalty, Understanding, Trust between them, and Faith .
They admire the Friendship and the Wisdom of open minds!
Our members are Volunteers, ONLY. We All have Faith to God, and we Honor every Holy existence and Divine Name!

This faith to God, brings near us the powers of His Spirits!
The Hope to God, for a better Humanity leads to the understanding of the New Era, in which we live Now! The Wisdom of the words of His Angel Lords and Archons, brings Joy, and Help to our Society!
Finally, the Master Teacher is .. The Angelic World, as it is for all Humanity and every Nation! Our members, have succeeded in having full contact with the Angelic-Spiritual World, and the found the right and the wrong. They follow this Angelic judgment in their lives. They do not bow to any ideas neither becoming followers of other Religion different of what their forefathers had. The do not become follow servants of the blessings of any priest, neither accept his logic concerning Knowledge about God, and Angelic World.
We the ESP, are , All The Volunteers who will bridge the Visible with the Invisible .
Our members learn the technique and Dynamic of Donetiki theoretically and practically and they develop their Hyper sense with experimental and theoretical approach , in order to fully understand this Difficult and Strange Subject!
They practice on the vibration of every material shaped or unshaped in Nature.

We the ESP Senior SAR members say:

We are different! We spread the Power! We use different methods of ESP.
We use Spiritual Powers from the "other world" the Invisible and Unknown World.
We have < Incarnations > The Solution to a better and improved Race!
We need Much better minds in a down of a New Era of Humanity.
We prefer - "Donitiki" of the Brain, Mind and Soul -
We believe in Pure Love, friendship and Understanding.
We Admire Truth, Wisdom, Logic, Strong Will, Courage, and Discipline.
We practice Our New Uknown Powers to improve ourselves.
We volunteer to bridge the Visible and invisible.
We Do the Right thing !
We accept Gifted and only Volunteers as members and disciples.

Our Members Have Free Will !
Our Members cannot be manipulated.
Our Members Do not Pay Tuition Fee or other Payment!
Our Members get the Powers under the rule "Try hard and Succeed"!
Our Members are Practicing "united thought and will"
Our Members are Never Isolated , or taking drugs, or are under mind Force.
Our Members are completely Free, to do what they like!
Our Members are Equal each other.
Our Members Help those who need any kind of help.
Our Members : Seniors help Juniors to learn themselves and follow the ESP Rules.

Not all becoming ESP members!
First somebody apply to be member!
The Senior Students, the Members, and Master Teacher examine the application, Agree and the application goes to next level.
Senior students ask the "Archons of Laws of Angels".
Every secret reason, every hidden thought will be uncovered! They inform if there will be problem in future with the freshman. If They accept him, then he is becoming a Member.
The declaration of the decision is given from the Angels to 7 different Senior ESP Students.
The Master Teacher will not interfere in this process.
The last test is from the Master himself. Within minutes, he tests the value of the freshman as .. a man. His courage, faith, loyalty, logic, education and the powers of his brain!
But there are others, who have born and they are to .. receive the power perhaps for a higher mission. For them, the ESP Society is the easiest way, to be done.
Those are welcomed with No Tests at all. For those people, the Angels have a .. wish and declare to the Master Teacher "Accept Him" they Say!

Transmitting Power to Minds !

Without much effort, the members and no members who wish to open the brain channels, gain energy and mind powers, inner communication with external mental fields, Now may have Another help! They may have the key to open instantly their abilities!
The way is to centralize all the Orders and "lines" of communication.
Centralize the great magnetic invisible power into a Talisman!
Thus, all are deliberated! (The approval of the Archon Angel is needed!)

With the Talisman someone can gain the ability of contact with the Invisible World and at the same time can have "heart" signals in all over the body. The signals are activated involuntary, and give warning for every serious , big, or small event of every day life.
A miracle for life time!
The ESP Master of the subject borrows from his own power, in order to help the holder of the talisman as a start.
In short time the talismans holder obtains full own power.
There are Two Terms and must be never be violated in order not to loose the powers.
A. Pay respect to The Divine Names and never insult Holy Names willingly.
B. No Ungratefulness! We recommend not to turn against the Master ESP, the Giver of the Talisman. If the two terms are violated, then partly or total loss of Powers may occurred automatically . Rejection, and withdrawal of the holder of the Talisman.
Angels are watchers and will never forgive hostile attitude!
Now, ... The possibilities of the brain are endless! Can predict, heal, change situations, protect anyone, and your family, and much more! You can achieve small or great miracles, just with the will and wish appointed to the Lord Angel! Say it and will be done!
The factors which are involved on this are Faith to God, Faith to the Guide Angel, Loyalty to Master Teacher and ESP Society, strong Will with all your internal strength, Patience, and always patience. No anger for any failure, No hostile behavior to the Senior students who may achieve more, No envy and jealousy , No ungratefulness, No fear, No Stupidity, No Greediness and Gluttonously. Must insist in what ever want to achieve!
Modesty and Humanely are also important.

The ESP Practitioner is a clever person and not a fool! His brain continuously grow bigger.
His unity with the Angel and generally this supreme spirit, moves forward slowly but without stop, because the practitioner continuous his training with the Angel!
The ESP Student as a start, deals with lessons concerning how to locate the Energy of other beings. Also to understand and locate the source of any shaped or not shaped material! The Spirits Talk to him and teach him .. human logic, Global Logic, and understanding of all things!
They give him the truth in every matter! So he avoid confusing himself avoid nistakes or ideas and others programs, and strategic Lies of other people!
He feels a kind of Angel-Man because: Supposedly, that the Human existence consist 3 main elements a. body b. mind c. soul.
The practitioner has the "SAR" (the incoming Lord Angel's Incarnation) inside him!
So, with the "Entrance" the incarnation of an invisible Angelic Being with Angelic Intelligence and Different Angelic Soul, we have a New, kind of "DNA" as existence!
The conclusion is = Angel's DNA + Human DNA = Angel-Man as ...Mind, Later in time Angel-man as .. Body, and is possible much later Angel-man as Soul!
Everything is Possible ! No one knows to which Level stops the Originality of The Holy Spirit and Lord's of God! (3 are the Stages of the Human Drama. 1st last 7000 years the Period of The Fathers. 2nd last 1984 years The Period of The Son, Now from 1984 we run the period of The Holy Spirit!) It is written in the Scriptures!
The Alfa and Omega Holy Spirit never repeat Him Self in actions to Mankind!

"If you laugh , is too bad for your head"! Angels Says! We are watching and check on you.
You people, in Greece are 12-14 million only! We are Trillions multiplied to Trillions.
We are Numberless! Our eyes are observing you!
Example: when someone is yawning. What is happening?
Spirits are going In , and Out! All kind of Spirits, inside his/her body!
When you feel .. gooseflesh instantly, even in a Temple! What is happening?
Spirits are next to you, controlling the situation, reading your mind, and entering inside your body, and finally they take over your right side brain!
If an ignorant , as the malicious journalists, or narrow minded priests, or other smart-arse say: "Satanism"!
We the volunteers ESP members reply: "You live in The barbaric Middle ages"!
None of us loose our precious time for stupidities. You are lost minds!"
We ESP do not propagate ,or proselytize any one!
We simply say that is possible to accept you and be an ESP illuminated of Spirit and mind!
We say these, for No misunderstandings !






I have written 36 books from 1983 to 2007. Most of them were dictated by the Archons Angels, and I did not change anything, even the pictures and the Titles were under their supervising.
Some of the Books:

Using Our Minds!

If a man wishes to work using his mental powers, he must work with them properly first!
He cannot become an "expert" or "winner" and have full success in all.
The "Winner" on a field, means 70-85% success! With the "Entrance" of the Angel into the mind, he can have serious ascent.
If he/she wishes so, can excel (or expertise) in a certain field as .. ideas in Arts and Sciences, Lucky Numbers, or even issues of Athletic Matches, results of Games (betting), knowledge of future events, or protection generally i.e. protection from evil, accidents, misfortune etc
Or can be a very good writer!
The ESP Practitioner must also be religious, faithful to God, and loyal to his Society.
Must remain at his prime target, and insist on what was his/her prime goal.
It will help a lot, if he/she continues to be patient, because during the Period of preparation to the full success, will have to pass 10 Tests from the Angel. Most of the tests will concern the subject and field that ... he/she wishes to follow!

Luck and Gambling

The Gambling issue is concerning a lot during the period of economic crisis.
I have a few advices on this. Choose very profitable games with terms that do not divide the profits and not share the money with other winners.
In case of sharing No One of the Spirits will Help!
So, Angel's advice to avoid such games. Bet on KINO , bet on Football and similar games, bet on Roulette and a little of Propo, -Totto, etc. those games in which your own decision is essential and the choice will be completely yours.
You should know that Luck is one of the most difficult fields. It takes years till the completion, and needs money and effort, trying and trying for long time!
If you can afford spend money on this field, you need patience , effort and help in order to succeed. Do not get angry with your failures, You are a beginner !
Because you will loose more time to accomplish success.
You can also start with the Talisman of luck!
After you succeed the "contact" and use to it, ask the Angel's help and then you can srart.
Go step by step for each game! Take it as entertainment .. Not Passion!
The Angels talk below for Luck:
The rule of gambling and all "lucky games" is to increase and fulfill the safe box of the Casino owner, and of the State Lottery with your money!
We, The Angels, we hate gambling because it is the cause of misfortune, unhappiness , a catastrophic habit, for the people! Transforms a family man to a monster for hi/her family.
Your Politician Leaders have commited you as sheep to slaughter.
They advertise the state "gambling" (which is worst as open Casino) and attract you in gambling , and Do Not love you any more! They love their Dirty comfortable rich chair, and Your money!
We are Furious for this behavior, and we make them cry!
No matter if this sounds impossible to you, we have the power, and the ESP men have the will and aim to win the catastrophic games!


Patient ... Rain is Coming!


Massive thought - Massive outgoing Energy

This subject is huge! I will frame it in a few words!
ESP people are much more powerful if they act as group on a case!
If so, they activate their energy and massive spiritual power, on a specified "case" and they will demand from the Spiritual Invisible World to make it happened.
Thus, they will have the desired solution, or fact. All .. is possible to be done!
Their exercise in "massive thought" and "massive will" and faith, as a very disciplinary group can make miracles!
The vision becoming .. reality! But .. the Time is the denominator.
All are advancing some how slowly, but progressively !
This is the Angels way. Except .. if there is an extreme need or emergency.
In this case Other Spirits take over the situation in their hands, and acting instantaneously!
All exercises, massive will, massive thoughts, massive invocation etc must be done without interruption, and without faithless actions. And all in a very happy climate!
This gives self confidence and joy to the students, and increases their abilities!

Refuse to what others Say

The world around us is immature to accept these ideas and becoming very hostile to the "Different" as us! The SAR vibrating training of the mind and brain, causes reactions to all of them around!
But, the World, there is no need to understand! Those who wish from their heart to have the "Power" and the "Opening" of the mind are very rare to find yet!
These people armed with strong will, faith and patience will stand on proudly!
The "opening" of the third eye, it is a very very difficult matter, disappointing and discouraging to fools and harried.
The "light" the vision, the ability to see in your mind (as in TV), comes after many spiritual tests, and many examinations from the Master Teacher. Here the success comes in ... Time!
(I am not talking about the "Free Vision" of the invisible beings. This is given to initiated Masters only).
The "hearing" inside the mind comes Earlier! (Not talking about the hearing by Ears. It is too advanced level also). But the mind contact and word by word conversation - sense - knowledge and gain of information from the Angelic World is almost instantaneous .
(external - out of body contact in full alert of all senses, and movement of body).
So .. Do not listen what the ignorant and timorous say!
God, loves the brave men. Not the cockroach - type, priest-lascivious, journalist-lascivious, nor the 'All-knowing" Professors !
The matter of Spiritual Unity and the "Entrance" or "Power contact" or "Opening" of the mind it is completely Unknown Subject to ALL. And I mean ALL Generally!
Do not listen those who incapable who are saying their stupidity in order to impress those who are in complete Darkness! You dear Friend, do not Need them. Nor their Opinion!
These cockroaches cannot, and do Not Want also!
There is a saying: " A wooden blockhead no matter how long stays in the water, cannot become Crocodile!"
I, the ESP Master, say all these to remember my words, when you will become ESP Members!

The Multifarious and complicated Nature
of the Powers of "SAR MEN"

SAR is the Incarnation - or incarnated person, complying every Alfa and Omega Law.
Incarnated and harmonized as Speech, Logic, Mentality, Mental learning ability, and as practical and true practitioner of the research and knowledge on every deep or high level Meanings of Archons of every Victorious Post and Position , in the "coming down" on Earth Movement! In reality SAR MEN, are Men into the Service of A- ONE !
In the New Era of enlighten, into the Darkness of Medieval Age that Greeks are passing through Now, The World is trying ... with the vibration of supreme truth and challenging MAR A- Holiness, to have ... The Word!
Soon, those in Flesh, and voice having, enormous in Powers Archon Angels, they will Unite under the presentation of every Lions Strength and Power, to Demand a NewVision and Hand of Law. They call this movement "Rebirth" or "Entrance", or "Incarnation" on several Thousands chosen Human beings!
On this spot, the (Incarnated) is becoming "Mind Vibrator"!
I have nothing more to add ! ............

The complication of the structure in the sense of "Unity" or "Incarnation" controls the mentality, the vibration of the Visual Change of the existence and the superior Intelligence of the Archons Angels. In this Unity the meaning Human (Anthropos) in Greek, gives instantly a new structure on the Human (those all around us) in order to become
AN-THROPOS (in Greek emphasize the Up-Rising Person).
Here on this stage, the general physical DNA (of the Soul), the Structures, the Unities, are Changing! So the so called "Mutation" is taking place, slowly and progressively for some period of Time.
The superior shape of the "Unity" it is Sensible!
In time, a New Human position is determined with another "Entrance" and fulfillment of the body-hull, at the same time engagement of Logic, new Mentality, Vibratio of new changed position of the .. Soul, as for the structure of Soul.
The huge conclusion is coming .. slowly but clearly as a massive Human power with permanent force in giving orders to the Angelic Forces OOO and .
Finally the forces are of .. unknown quantity, and unknown internal charismatic vibration.
I cannot count the Forces! But the truth is that a <A Alfa-Omega MAR) Movement begins Nowadays and Lead the Angelic Forces ... against the Forces of Darkness against the Evil and Darkness itself!
I had only these words up to this line, and ... Heart Attack to those Selfish, who criticize against all these!


Metaphysics - Occultism - Parapsychology - Spiritualism - Magic Recipes - Internal esoteric Powers - Religion Terrorism - Opening of the Third Eye

All the written books, those in bookstores around, concerning accession and fulfillment of Goals, are all Wrong!

Are false written and lead to future immobilizing. Without the incarnation of an Archon of God, No One can approach the .. "Light"!
The so called "Theologians" are far away from the Truth of God and the Idea of God.
Their Theories are without Life are Dead! With No Truth, Without Liberation of Soul, without Freedom for The Human Being. The represent Fear, Slavery, Revenge, and Hate!
They Say Lies!
The Priests, generally speaking are not God's Representatives, not Messengers of course, and are just Professionals. Professional Priests! Their Knowledge are unstable and deficient!
They just perform Sacred Functions of the Ceremony, and the Part of "Purification", without knowing most of them exactly what they are doing and how serious it is!
The Church Leaders, and Politicians .. our Leaders, are colored with rejection of New Ideas.
The Preachers, .. bore the people with useless and graceless subjects.
The Others, .. of other Dogma, are all illogical and irrational.
The all-knowing Professors of the Universities are Soulless , Empty of the Light of Truth, and many of them endeavors of His Holy Grace God, because are egoists and in lack of Teacher. The majority of Journalists as completely ignorant and immoral, ruin the remaining little pure faith of the Citizens.
They gather in broadcasts and TV shows, people of different belief and Religion Dogma, mixed them with Atheists, and fanatic enemies of God, plus some stupid and immoral others, and thus they transform everything to a Circus!
Finally, the miserable Citizen, is in Chaos!

I say these to Remember! It is the Truth!
All these observations were made by the Archons and Angels. So they are coming to us for the "Unity" the "Incarnation"!
For this reason, do not look for power or the truth in theories from books, neither knowledge from the above .. gentlemen!
I say these words to you, and only you, who are willing to be ESP and searchers of the Light and become our members as "SAR MEN" !

Address: 67 Electras str. Kallithea 17673 Athens Greece