A few words about the Talismans:
The Power which is given to the Talisman, contains Your Name and Your Vibration!


The Energy activates the vibration in the brain, body, and your inner-spirit.
Also is acting on your ethereal body!
In a few minutes the sense of the heart signals, and the new energy is noticeable! The signals are acting in certain spots of all your body (40-50) following the written instructions (location and purpose of each signal).
Soon the right part of the brain is activated! The so called "hyper-conscience" and through this part the communication is established using a path from the right side, to the left side of the brain. Thus a communication is established with Minds and Beings from another Dimension or Dimensions, or even The Great Intelligence!
In the beginning the contact is rudimentary.
Soon, with some practice, and faith, clear mind, and without stress, it is becoming a full conversation! (In your own language).

There are 2 Laws and must be never violated! If you brake these 2 Laws, you loose some of the Power for a period of time.
Never insult The Divine Names! (The spirit is Angelic and does not like doing so)
Do not call insulting names against me. Don't be cross with me!
And Never , Never Turn Against Your Giver, Me! This is automate Termination of the Powers! The Angels Obey on this Rule as "The Prime Rule"!

So maintain the activation of the Talisman and keep talking for anything in your life, with the Angel. The Angel is a guest in your house, your Body. He is becoming YOU.
If you cannot achieve much progress, remember: be patient, keep a clear mind, without  stress, and call your Angel to increase the contact. You will sense him soon!
But if you are so confused call Me!
I , as Giver, can give you some of my own precious power!
Now, for .. how to activate the Talisman, is a lesson that I cannot present here.
The activation is a Secret only to You, and must remain secret in order Not to lose The Power! The Power is for Ever! The Angel will never abandon you!
He will keep the body healthy and protect it!

The Talisman and the Power Are NOT Returnable, and Refundable !!
If for some reason you will take the decision NOT to Have the Talisman and the Power, and the Angelic Incarnation any longer , Do this: Hold the Talisman with the right hand high, and Deny the Talisman and The Angel 3 Times.
Will be instantly be Empty as you were before!

The powers are according to your needs and wish, as agreed previously, and
much more! After the activation of the Kundalini of the Spine, the "Third Eye" of the mind, has its turn!
After that, the "Astral Body", The Opening of the Mind, and other Mental abilities.
All these seem impossible to be true! But they are simple for the Angels and for Me!
So they will be true for You too! Believe it! Believe in Me!
I also give the present of 2 books for free with the Talisman.

These are The Key Books of Spiritualism.
These books are written under Angels’ Instruction. There are secrets and knowledge inside them! But they are in Greek! Sorry I do not have them in English yet!
With the Talisman you can do so many things!
But I tell you this: "The Spirit does the job, Not the material ... the Talisman!"
If The Spirit is inside You, and HE IS YOU, then You are the living Talisman and Power, and just wear it as Jewel and Seal, as ... "antenna" !
Whatever you need ask it from Your friend Angel ! Ask and will be done in time!
Angels do not rush but they never forget their promises!

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