Spiritualist - Parapsychologist-Psychic in contact
with the Angelic World
(Real AVATAR E.S.P. Teacher) 30 years of experience



AXATIS (2008)
(Real AVATAR E.S.P. Teacher)

Has Great Powers from The Spirits
Famous for forecasting into Time ahead. He talks with the Spirits!

Deals on Serious cases only: Love matters, Business matters, personal matters!
With the Help and instruction of the Master Spirits.

With the Help of the Archons Angels, gives Favouritism, Protection, Luck !
Can protect people from Evil Eye, any kind of Magic, and envious talk.

Results in all or most cases after 9 days !!!

Unique in making the "Talking Talismans", (Talismans of Vibrations), for Luck and Gambling, Help on any case, Body and Mind Protection, Public Relations, Increase of Business, and Telepathic Contact with the Guardian Angel - Teacher.

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The Angelic E.S.P. Talisman

The Angelic E.S.P. Talisman (for men and women also)

AXATIS, The Parapsychologist, Master Spiritualist in Athens-Greece
Presents the E.S.P. Talisman, with metaphysical and psychic powers!
Is the "Key" for the "Entrance" of the Angelic Powers and the Angels.
It is the "Key" for contact to superior beings.
They give spiritual and psychic powers to us.
The "Sar esp Talisman" brings energy and power.
In only a few minutes , anyone can achieve "out of body sensible contact", and also the fist level of telepathic communication!
Plus .. "Signals" -45 warning signals on the body, which are written and ordered by me to be activated immediately. And finally many more charismatic powers etc
for Life Time!!! ONLY for those who are Interested and Wish to have the above, and they are Adults!

(The Angels do the miracle Not the talisman. The golden talisman is a kind of antenna, and also their symbol). Usual achievements :
Protection against any ugly , bad, evil. or negative influence of any type.
No magic can harm you, no evil eye!!!!!
Gives warning for - everyday events - important or not. (a glance to the future)
Helps your Profession, business, also it helps giving ideas especially for writers or artists , increases your mind abilities, and gives inspiration! brings customers!
Gradually the "mind to mind" contact (talk)with the Angelic being is becoming a full conversation, .. on every aspect!
You can talk for anything!
Improves your logic, your brain ability, helps
understanding things, judgment, vanishes Fears, gives charismatic abilities more and more month by month!
The holder is becoming better., stronger, and protected.
The Talisman secures the company of an Invisible Angel - friend - guardian and teacher. You may talk with him any time all day and night. Advise you protect you, strengthens your faith to God 1000 times more, Unquestionably !
A permanent miracle for life time!!!! A dynamic "step into our new world era" from the Angelic Populations
.The time of Incarnations has arrived!
This Talisman is only for those who love metaphysics. If you are not one of them, you are not a believer of such things, and you dislike the above story then please Ignore everything and drop the subject

My dear friend if I was given to you the power to forecast the future and to change things on it, would you say Yes or NO?
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SAR Angelic Incarnation into Humans

                                                                         2012 The New Era in Human History..

Apocalypsis of the Angelic Forces! They are coming to us. They are incarnated in our bodies. They are unnumbered forces!
Some of their leaders Archons-Archangels will be incarnated to you!
Many of all of us, adults already in age, in any age, occupation, education, rich or poor, in any position in Society, they are chosen souls and born with the mission to accept them when the time comes! Simply Now they do not know it!
Who are they, and who will be the chosen.
Are you one of those chosen.?
Angels bring the Will of God! All Angels cooperating on this Huge Project which is - "The Entrance" to Humanity-.
What the Humans will do?
Resist? Deny God's will?
Or Accept them and farther more ..Ask for the Incarnation?
Is this «THE Salvation»? Is this the «First Resurection» as it is written in "Apocalypsis"?
There are a lot of theories. Some false, some extremely idiotic, and some ...
This idea is as a satisfactory Answer!
People who have the Incarnation :
"Incarnation is.. the Best ever happened to a Human Being. The best to somebody who believes and loves God, and dreams for a better and righteous world."
Incarnation happens in seconds .. When somebody ask for it, as the minimum service to His Lord Alfa and Omega GOD. The "Entrance" will be accompanied by the "body Signals" (warning signals) described in ( also "in brain" Telepathic communication Instantly, and physical Contact to the Ethereal Angelic body!
From Now, till the End of 2012, the Higher in Rang Angels are incarnating.
After 2012 , the lower in Rank will do so, and they are millions, or perhaps unnumbered!
The "chosen", stays as he is, with no change, except some extra powers and extra brain abilities, he remain the same! Angels taking care of him/her.
The character changes! Becomes a better person, more kind having love to those who show love, and strict in judgment to those who are bad, thieves - liars - criminals of any kind, and atheists!
These incarnated people will not participate in any action at all, against anything! They will remain keeping low profile learning from Angel, and gaining powers, as it is the Order of God to do so.
They are, the reserve forces of the New World.
Until the Time comes, They will mostly helping others to find their way to the truth logic, open mind and believe and love The God."
“No one knows what exactly will happened in the last days of 2012. Now is to early to now details. The only we know is that the "Incarnated People" will survive, with no harm, and will be fully protected by the Angelic World, no matter what the conditions will be later on!
We don’t know what the time will bring to the People!
We do not afraid, or care what will happen those days and those 7 months after 21st December 2012.
You all know the Prophesies of all Nations, Think, and if you deside that you wish to have the power and protection then ask for it. If not, ... "No Problem"!
This is Just to inform you that you can gain powers and abilities that you never imagine to have before!"

Go and search about the New Era, after 2012. "Enlightenment" "Spiritual uprising on Earth" "New Ideas" "New World" etc. Please Search for Information and compare to the existing Prophecies of the World.

Become a Spiritual Mentalist in short time! Can see future, can have answers, can have an Angel to advice you, and guide you, protect you and be with you always.


You as Owner of the Talisman will receive vibratory electrical signals recognized only by you. 45 different parts of the body, receive the signals for Alert, Protection, Warning, Guidance.

The Body Signals:
Some of the Cardial (heart) Body Signals:
Left Eye (tremble): Invisible help, or New power which is to appear soon.
Right eye (tremble): Sex, during the present day. If the signal continues for hours, it means a little misfortune, failure or loss.
Forehead (itching): The person who will come to see you is your enemy.
(for Military purposes = Enemy approaching)
Forehead (instant strong pain): If you feel pain, immediately step to the side, or move from your stand point (danger of Accident).
(For Military purposes : Take cover, or be alert, Death danger !!!!)
Back of skull (itching): Somebody is following you, or spying you.
(Military: the man in front of you , or with whom you talk is a spy, or somebody is listening in the telephone line, communications etc, they watch your steps, or there is a spy at the premises.) In any case you may ask, and the Angel will tell you!
Base of Skull (itching): Base of the neck. the person in front of you, or with whom you talk betrays you! Watch your mouth!
Right Ear (itching): Search the subject (probably which you are talking about) or You will be told to investigate something (by the Angel)
Left ear (itching): Something is to be explained to you ,or you will have the answer or meaning shortly ( ask with your mind)
Nose (left nostril) itching: "YES". also whatever you hear is correct.
Nose (Right nostril) itching: "NO". also whatever you hear is false.
Nose (center of nostrils) itching: Learn what you hear. Is important!
Nose (left higher) itching: "Yes", but later in long time Nose (right higher) itching: "NO", but later in long time
Lips (itching): Talk freely, No problem all under control.
Chin ( itching): whatever you are expecting to be done, had just started or is in progress
Chest (center) itching: Problem at home or family . call them
(Military = problem in your Base, contact immediately)
Stomach - itching : Invisibly, you will take new directions or advise
(Military = you will have new orders or advise from the invisible world for your personal safety or success)
Abdomen (itching): problem in your genitals - or .. will arise soon
Back (center) itching: the person which is talking to you, or is in front of you, is ... double crossing you, or is "double faced" to you. Be careful!
Buttock right (itching): about Sex: NO ! Do not go for it.
Buttock left (itching): Sex: YES ! everything OK. Go forward.
Shin right (itching): Ask Angel. There is something to do.
Shin left (itching): Free time. everything OK, enjoy yourself
Heel right (itching): Bad delay during travelling or waiting
Heel left (itching): Pleasant waiting, staying or spent pleasant time where you are now (not as delay)
Fore step right (itching): Where ever you are going, You will fail. ...or
Problem to what you are going to do now.
Fore step left(itching): where ever you are to go, you will succeed, you will face no problem!
Right Big Toe (itching): Problem during driving: Problem ahead, be alert crash danger, car problem, or traffic police ahead.(you will learn to recognise each signal.
If the signal is strong stop immediately and check the car , any way slow down).
Left PALM (itching): Money! You will receive money.
Right PALM (itching): Simple Problem !
Back Fist (left) itching): Good News
Back Fist (Right) Itching: Bad News
Thumb Left (itching): A lot of unexpected money!
Thumb Right (itching): Big Problem!! Ask for Angelic help to stop it.
When you feel "Goose flesh":
Means, I am Here! or I have Control of the Situation! or Angel or Angels coming from far away. Also means YES! or "I Agree" !

Later you may add more signals. (usually 10). (Need the Angel's permission) It is the same as we add Data into the computer! I will teach you the secret way to do it!

From that moment, the specific part and spot of the body- signal reacts only if a certain event is to appear shortly!
No one can Transplant to others Signals or Incarnation except the Master himself! At the same time almost instantly, Kundalini of the Spine, which is necessary for Metaphysical Activities is Activated!

The practitioner gains the "in-brain" straight connection with the guide Spirits. (Can hear the voice in mind, word by word, can respond, ask, answer, get explanations etc ).

All signals "obey" to the above list for the reason they are "told" to be!
You cannot have different! When I give the signals by an order, then .. the owner of the Talisman immediately gets the power, the signals, and the contact with the Angel!
The body signals are the same to all ESP practitioners and Talisman holders also!

All signals "obey" to the above list for the reason they are "told" to be!
You cannot have different! When I give the signals by an order, then .. the owner of the Talisman immediately gets the power, the signals, and the contact with the Angel!
The body signals are the same to all ESP practitioners and Talisman holders also!
Remember this: I will say "take" and the YOU will have the Power, the Signals, and the Contact, the communication and the so called "incarnation of the Angel".
Till the End of Your life, it will be a permanent miracle on You.
Rule No3:
Cannot pass the Power and signals to others ! It is personalized.
All Angels obey to a Major Program and Plan! They do not accept orders an commands or arbitrariness by any one!
Must always ask, with modesty in friendly tone, and love, anything you wish to be done!
No matter if we believe it or not, if suits us or not, Those and Other many Populations, different one another in shape, powers, nature, and actions, countless enormous number of Spirits, are located  at the Same Space with us, but in different Time.
Be patient and after some time of practice you will upgrade your "Time Level", and if you wish it, ... you will get Hearing and Visibility of their invissible to people world. 

Now .. the help from the spirits after the activation of the Talismans, is in use for several achievements such as: business, Inventions, New Ideas, Ancient Knowledge, Martial Arts, Control of the Present Situation, Book writing, Logic, Inspiration, Painting , War, etc
The "Agate", Master Axatis, is a teacher of the so called "Old Style".
The Mystic Style..! A keeper of Laws and Rules of the Spirits, and of the few who penetrate the Time forward into the Future, in order to Form .. sometimes future events as much as it can be done! Psychics and Mediums, usually feel or see with a kind of sense, but without Real Vision , or Hearing from the Invisible World, some Past events. (very random close future events ).
Axatis, Talks with the Lords of Spirits so .......
Axatis, can be the best advisor for personal matters, sentimental, professional or other !
Can also help your activities. For every beginning it is necessary to have the favor of the Archons of the Angelic World!
From the Ancient times till now, nothing has changed for the mortals!
The "Time Joint in Sections" is an untouchable Dream. But necessary for many subjects! ........ I will say no more on this matter .
Axatis can also protect you from Evil of any kind ! Can free someone from the Negative Human Energy of others. And from an Enemy!
I think all these are enough !


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