The new Owner of the Talisman (probably you) will receive vibratory electrical signals recognized only by him/her.
40-50 different parts of the body, receive the signals for Alert, Protection, Warning, Guidance. Remember this:


"The Angels are Power - Justice Different from Ours - and Punishment! They may be Late, but Never Forget!"
When the Talisman is ready, I give the order that whoever wears the Talisman, must have the following list of signals:
The Body Signals:
Some of the Cardial (heart) Body Signals:
Left Eye (tremble): Invisible help, or New power which is to appear soon.
Right eye (tremble): Sex, during the present day. If the signal continues for hours, it means a little misfortune, failure or loss.
Forehead (itching): The person who will come to see you is your enemy.
(for Military purposes = Enemy approaching)
Forehead (instant strong pain): If you feel pain, immediately step to the side, or move from your stand point (danger of Accident).
(For Military purposes : Take cover, or be alert, Death danger !!!!)
Back of skull (itching): Somebody is following you, or spying you.
(Military: the man in front of you , or with whom you talk is a spy, or somebody is listening in the telephone line, communications etc, they watch your steps, or there is a spy at the premises.) In any case you may ask, and the Angel will tell you!
Base of Skull (itching): Base of the neck. the person in front of you, or with whom you talk betrays you! Watch your mouth!
Right Ear (itching): Search the subject (probably which you are talking about) or You will be told to investigate something (by the Angel)
Left ear (itching): Something is to be explained to you ,or you will have the answer or meaning shortly ( ask with your mind)
Nose (left nostril) itching: "YES". also whatever you hear is correct.
Nose (Right nostril) itching:
"NO". also whatever you hear is false.
Nose (center of nostrils) itching: Learn what you hear. Is important!
Nose (left higher) itching:
"Yes", but later in long time Nose (right higher) itching: "NO", but later in long time
Lips (itching): Talk freely, No problem all under control.
Chin ( itching): whatever you are expecting to be done, had just started or is in progress
Chest (center) itching: Problem at home or family . call them
(Military = problem in your Base, contact immediately)
Stomach - itching : Invisibly, you will take new directions or advise
(Military = you will have new orders or advise from the invisible world for your personal safety or success)
Abdomen (itching): problem in your genitals - or .. will arise soon
Back (center) itching: the person which is talking to you, or is in front of you, is ... double crossing you, or is "double faced" to you. Be careful!Back (center) itching: the person which is talking to you, or is in front of you, is ... double crossing you, or is "double faced" to you. Be careful!

Back (center) itching: the person which is talking to you, or is in front of you, is ... double crossing you, or is "double faced" to you. Be careful!
Buttock right (itching): about Sex: NO ! Do not go for it.
Buttock left (itching): Sex: YES ! everything OK. Go forward.
Shin right (itching): Ask Angel. There is something to do.
Shin left (itching): Free time. everything OK, enjoy yourself
Heel right (itching): Bad delay during travelling or waiting
Heel left (itching): Pleasant waiting, staying or spent pleasant time where you are now (not as delay)
Fore step right (itching): Where ever you are going, You will fail. ...or
Problem to what you are going to do now.
Fore step left(itching): where ever you are to go, you will succeed, you will face no problem!
Right Big Toe (itching): Problem during driving: Problem ahead, be alert crash danger, car problem, or traffic police ahead.(you will learn to recognise each signal.
If the signal is strong stop immediately and check the car , any way slow down).
Left PALM (itching): Money! You will receive money.
Right PALM (itching): Simple Problem !
Back Fist (left) itching): Good News
Back Fist (Right) Itching: Bad News
Thumb Left (itching): A lot of unexpected money!
Thumb Right (itching): Big Problem!! Ask for Angelic help to stop it.
When you feel "Goose flesh": Means, I am Here! or I have Control of the Situation! or Angel or Angels coming from far away. Also means YES! or "I Agree" !

Later you may add more signals. (usually 10). (Need the Angel’s permission) It is the same as we add Data into the computer! I will teach you the secret way to do it!

All signals "obey"  the above list for the reason they are "told" to be!
You cannot have different! When I give the signals by an order, then .. the owner of the Talisman immediately gets the power, the signals, and the contact with the Angel! From that time till the End of his/her life this will be a permanent lifetime miracle!

The holder, must never turn against me, otherwise will lose all the powers. Cannot also "give" signals to others!
Ask for the Angelic Talisman Today! Become an ESP in short time!

ANGELIC TALISMAN: The most Powerful Talisman ever made after 2000 years! Now it can be Yours!!
Increases a new sense in your mind, so you can fully understand what is going to happen after a while, or what others think of you!
Telepathy is your immediate gift to communicate with your Angel!
You receive the answers as - the first thought in your mind which comes after your own question. It comes to your right side of brain, which is the hyper - conscience, the contact field to the Invisible World and the highest sense of the universal knowledge (GOD). It enables you to receive answers, from the so called "Universal Knowledge Field" (Angelic World)

Also it enables you to have heart signals in your body, reacting, in order to enable you know every moment, what is to happen to you, and to know all about the people who are approaching you, and the situation which will also appear.
It Increases business, helps in love matters, gambling, gives luck, protects from evil and enemies. It Protects from serious illness, some times cures, gives happiness, and tranquillity of mind, and can also give a long life.
Increases your faith in God. It gives you the True answers to every question. It Prevents accidents, protects from injuries of body and soul.
Helps in financial matters, gives advice and solutions with help to all. It Has the Guardian Angel to escort you in your life and lead you safely!
You may ask for something to be done! Have faith! Wait, and ... see!
It is the mental psychic power of the New World, of the Age of Aquarius.
Prologues the Incarnation of the Angels into Humans!

The Fulfilment of the Prophecies! It is a permanent miracle!
It changes the MAN. Upraises your mental abilities day by day!!
Improves the quality of your Character, and the way of your speech, strengthens your will, enables somebody to foresee, or even give prophecies for future matters, or sometimes change future events, and frame the future events according to his own benefit. Remember this: the Angel lives with you in the same body!



The Angel communicates with you by Telepathy using your own mind, and enables you to communicate with any other Angelic spirit . The Angel activates the "heart nerves" and warns you by a signal, for any problem or important thing (even traffic ahead, situation of the car, danger, delay, sex etc) automatically, without asking him. It is a permanent miracle!!!
You may talk, and talk into your mind, with him! (No invocation needed!)
He will teach you a lot later! Will give you ideas, solutions, joy , answer to any question on any matter with His Wisdom and Angelic knowledge!
He will be you! You will laugh and enjoy with his way of talking and jokes. (The use the Proper Language). But remember you will not be HIM!
The Angel may also use your hand to write ... automatically .. His ideas, even books. And later you may listen his voice and see him face to face!

But remember this: Never insult, and call names to Divine and Holly, and every Holly Existence. Otherwise the Angel will leave you, and abandon you! Also must remember this: The Giver (Master Teacher) is your Friend. Be Loyal to him, never betray him! Incarnation is very serious matter! From that time till the End of your life this will be a permanent lifetime miracle!

Extra information: All the signals obey to the above catalog. Can not be otherwise!
When I order the power to go to a certain man, and have is having the signals, the contact and the incarnation of the Angel, That very Moment, a miracle is Happening.
A permanent life miracle on his/her body! (except if he turns against me then he loses all and remain abandoned of powers as he was before).
Nobody can Pass Signals to Others!
Do't forget: "The Angels are Power - Justice Different of Ours - and Punishment. They may be Late, but Never Forget!"
The OOO and ΘΘΘ Angels obey orders, and they are not Toys to you! They do not accept an ugly behavior and ungratefulness to the Giver!